Galasport COBRA ELITE Multisport Kayak Paddle

Multisport Racing Kayak paddle - Carbon construction with a multi-lock joiner
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Galasport COBRA Elite - Multisport Kayak Paddle

Galasport COBRA is a race paddle / wing paddle with an easy and efficient stroke, great for down river, marathon and multisport racing. It is designed to deliver maximum performance during the race and is characterized with a great catch that’s absolutely critical for power transitions.

The twisted tear-drop shape of the blade also supports torso rotation and employment of back muscles while minimizing arm fatigue.

Multisport and marathon paddlers will also appreciate the smooth feel of the stroke, helping preserve energy on those long runs.

COBRA Elite is available in three blade sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The carbon blades are assembled with a split 2-part carbon shaft with adjustable joiner. The joiner enables the shaft extension from 205cm to 215cm and any desired blade angle.

Size SMALL blade is available with alloy tips to minimize wear (for use on rivers) or without (for use in the ocean). 
Note: Paddles with alloy tips are only suitable for use in fresh water. 

Available also as blades only.

COBRA ELITE specifications

  Small Medium Large
Blade material carbon carbon carbon
Blade length 480mm 490mm 495mm
Blade width 156mm 160mm 168mm
Shaft material carbon carbon carbon



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