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GALASPORT kayaks and paddles now available at KAYAKER Ltd

GALASPORT - the latest addition to our portfolio of quality Czech brands

KAYAKER Limited is now New Zealand distributor for GALASPORT

Right now we are collecting orders for slalom boats (K1, C1 and C2) canoe polo kayaks and whitewater, slalom and multisport and surfski paddles to add to our Hiko container that is schedulled to leave Prague in early August 2021. We are expecting the container to arrive to NZ in mid - late October 2021.

So if you are keen to own some of the best European made boats and paddles get in touch soon!


3 Waters kayaks BIG FISH  - your ultimate fishing machine

3 Waters kayaks BIG FISH now available at

KAYAKER Limited is now New Zealand agent for 3 Waters kayaks!

We are super stoked to be introducing 3 Waters Kayaks to New Zealand. This new brand of fishing and recreational sit-on kayaks is made by Feelfree factory using the same technology and featuring some Feelfree accessories and components such as Uni-Track, Beaver Tail rudder and is compatible with Raiblaza rod holders and other kayak accessories.

Our 3 Waters flagship - the BIG FISH 120 features an extremely stable hull, super comfortable seat with adjustable height and high backrest, as well as some top market accessories. Big Fish 120 has an impressive load capacity of 181kg (400 lbs).

The BIG FISH 105 - a smaller sister to Big Fish 120 is essentially the same boat in just a 1.5 shorter package. 

Both BigFish fishing kayaks are great boats whether you go fly fishing and duck shooting, loaded with plenty of practical and trendy fetures to make your day on the waters safe and more comfortable.



GUMOTEX - COVID 19 causes factory production disruptions

Dear customers, we are sorry to advise that the recent surge of COVID 19 infection in the Czech Republic and the whole Europe caused significant workforce shortage and production disruptions in our factory in Breclav, Czech Republic. We are hoping that the situation will improve soon again and we will be ale to get more stock in January 2021.

We apologoze for the inconvenience this may cause.



ROBfin packrafts - revolution in packrafting

ROBfin packrafts - new way of packrafting - CZECH Made.

KAYAKER Limited is now New Zealand agent for ROBfin packrafts!

Stable and selfbailing packraft with performance of a hardshell boat. Fast and manouvreable, good for beginners, and great for experienced boaters.
ROBfin introduces a unique concept of packrafting. These High Pressure Packrafts are made of heavy duty material and make packrafting real fun!

Low profile makes easier windy and open water paddling.
Expert kayakers will enjoy the packraft rigid hull and responsive behaviour.
Novice white water boaters will apreciate the forginving qualities.

ROBfin packrafts are very lightweight, easy to pack, versatile boats with many features - suitable for white water or touring.

Link to ROBfin packraft M-Sporty product page here



Introducing NEW Hiko GUARDIAN 3D buoyancy aid

Introducing Hiko GUARDIAN 3D - our latest whitewater PFD

Developed in cooperation with the Hiko TEAM whitewater paddlers, the new Hiko GUARDIAN 3D is designed to provide maximum safety on the most challenging river runs. It has an internal webbing construction sewn to the outer material giving maximum strength and safety during rescues. Large front pocket with a divider has elastic loops to keep all your carabiners and prussicks safely in place. Safety harness with a quick release buckle is held in place by a set of webbing loops. 
This PFD has side entry and full body foam wrap for added protection.

New GUARDIAN 3D is available in three attractive coulour combinations: Waikiki (black with blue & orange details), Inferno (red with orange details) and Stealth (black). 

- Designed for kayaking, rafting, canoeing and swiftwater rescue in extreme whitewater.
- Thanks to its unique 3D construction it’s great for freestyle use as well.
- Precisely designed 3D construction has unparalleled respect for the human anatomy.
- Unique telescopic side lock system prevents both front and back panels from sliding upwards so that flotation stays in place when exposed to turbulent whitewater. Additionally, the side foam protects the rib cage from possible impact.
- Padded shoulder straps feature an adjustable system to accommodate for the height of a paddlers torso and preferred position of the vest (high for kayaking / low for rafting). When fully tightened, the shoulders maintain a range of flexibility that is limited in full extension for safety.
- An integrated safety strap system is structured both vertically and horizontally throughout the PFD.
- A large front pocket with zipper entry has separate compartments for easy access and features an inner zipper pocket on the lid to keep the contents tidy. The lash tab knife holder houses the knife tip into an integrated cover (In order to prevent the knife from catching when entering a raft from water).
- Neoprene pocket located on the shoulder accommodates an integrated safety whistle.

Link to GUARDIAN 3D product page here