Ultimate folding kayak with ability to change the rocker to suit the conditions

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The Seeker ST-16 is a state-of-the-art piece of gear that you will love! It is built on the same principles as the original Inuit kayaks thousands of years ago - skin stretched over a frame - but built using 21st century technology and materials. The frame made of bones is replaced with aircraft aluminium pipes and the seal skin with a synthetic (PES) cloth coated with Polyurethane - the best material available for durability and abrasion resistance.

TRAK has a set of three hydraulic jacks that extend the frame and tighten the kayak's skin for minimum drag. With the centre jack pumped or released you can change the rocker of the kayak to suit the conditions. No rocker to increase the speed while paddling on lakes or harbours, full rocker for playing in surf. This can be done even on the water, while sitting in the kayak!

The Seeker ST-16 is supplied with a travel pack similar in shape and size to a golf bag that is easy to store and travel with. People who really struggle with space while on the move can pack the kayak skin and the frame individually, separate from the cockpit rim and the seat.

The kayak can be assembled in 10 - 15 minutes, or even faster with some practice.


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Truly Portable

The Seeker ST-16 is a truly go-anywhere, go-anytime kayak. Store it in your closet, pack it in your trunk, check it on the plane and shake it out in 10 minutes or less… to be on any water on the planet. There’s nothing like it, that combines all the advantages of a folding kayak, with the most easy set-up on the market and the durability and performance of a hard shell. TRAK makes the world’s only performance kayak that fits in to a golf bag. That means we can ship a 16 foot boat in a 4 foot box to almost anywhere in the world in 3 days. You can be on the water in no time. 


Real Performance

“The first folding kayak that keeps up with a hard-shell kayak in speed and performance.”
– Canoe & Kayak magazine

The Seeker ST-16 feels solid and is durable; key parts such as the seat, foot pegs, thigh braces and cockpit coaming are of rigid construction. Three self-contained hydraulic jacks (pistons) drive pressure from the frame into the polyurethane shell providing an unparalleled level of tautness and rigidity in the skin. You’ll have the feeling of being in a hardshell but with the ability to feel the water through a membrane (like you can feel the road in a sports car) the way the original Inuit paddlers did. 


Unreal Breakthrough

The combination of true portability and real performance meets a breakthrough patented technology that distinguishes the Seeker ST-16 from any other boat in the world. By adjusting the pressure on the three hydraulic jacks, the TRAK kayak actually changes its shape on the water, on the fly. The shape of the hull, the relative curvature (effective length of hull in water or waterline) called rocker, can be adjusted to adapt to different conditions or paddling preferences.

This kayak has been touted as the most versatile kayak on the planet because it is an all-water kayak (much like an all-terrain vehicle). Paddle it on a river, lake or on the ocean. Go touring or traveling or go for a quick paddle in your own backyard. You can have your Seeker kayak with you, wherever you go. 

Technical Data

Length 488 cm
Width 57 cm
Weight 22 kg
Cockpit dimensions 81 x 42 cm
Number of persons 1
Maximum load 136 kg
Storage capacity 190 l
Assembly time 10 - 15 minutes
Packed dimensions 130 x 40 x 30 cm
Packed volume 120 l


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