Feelfree Kayak Seat KING FISHER

Fishing Rod Holders - pair - flush - regtangle

Feelfree Kayak Sea KINGFISHER

Kayak seat for sit-on kayaks

The Feelfree Kingfisher seat is the ultimate option for paddlers when it comes to comfort seating. It’s unique construction includes an internal skeleton so the seat retains it shape and comfort for hours with no need for adjustment. The seat features especially high base for an extra protection from wet and cold and the plush finish helps make your paddling experience more enjoyable, regardless of how long you plan to stay on water. Plus, paddlers will appreciate it’s dedicated lumbar cushion that provides extra support in the lower back area.

Suitable for all Feelfree for fishing kayaks: Moken 10, Moken 12, Moken 13, Moken 10 lite, Moken 12.5 and Moken 14.


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