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ROBfin packrafts - revolution in packrafting

ROBfin packrafts - new way of packrafting - CZECH Made.

KAYAKER Limited is now New Zealand agent for ROBfin packrafts!

Stable and selfbailing packraft with performance of a hardshell boat. Fast and manouvreable, good for beginners, and great for experienced boaters.
ROBfin introduces a unique concept of packrafting. These High Pressure Packrafts are made of heavy duty material and make packrafting real fun!

Low profile makes easier windy and open water paddling.
Expert kayakers will enjoy the packraft rigid hull and responsive behaviour.
Novice white water boaters will apreciate the forginving qualities.

ROBfin packrafts are very lightweight, easy to pack, versatile boats with many features - suitable for white water or touring.

Link to ROBfin packraft M-Sporty product page here